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PGUV distributes high quality UV lamps to the many markets that rely on UV technology to enable their business.

With over 40 years of experience using UV lamps in the print industry, 2020 was a year to witness the true value of UV technology. Our mission, predicated on customer service and long-lasting relationships, is to distribute high quality, precision products to the UV lamp community for the betterment of their end product.

UV Purifiers

UV Lamps

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Sanitize and Disinfect

A safe, cost-effective and environmentally friendly method used in many industries worldwide!

UV radiation is widely used in industrial processes and in medical and dental practices for a variety of purposes, such as killing bacteria, sanitizing equipment and disinfecting water supplies. The threat of Coronaviruses has expanded the need for UV disinfection to other applications such as office buildings, restaurants, gyms, classrooms and many other indoor settings.

Office with chairs and table

Mobile Dental Bus - Installation