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PGUV distributes high quality UV lamps to the many markets that rely on UV technology to enable their business.

With over 40 years of experience using UV lamps in the print industry, 2020 was a year to witness the true value of UV technology. Our mission, predicated on customer service and long-lasting relationships, is to distribute high quality, precision products to the UV lamp community for the betterment of their end product.

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Let UV Light Work For you

UV light sterilization is a safe an environmentally friendly method of killing airborne pathogens, viruses, bacteria, mold, and fungi without the use of hazardous chemicals.

Industries such as the food / hospitality and healthcare can greatly benefit from using an autonomously sanitizer that is both effective and cost efficient.

Without the need for extra labor and cleaning liquids you can save money and time while ensuring a sanitized environment.

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Clean Air and more

Advanced UV technology allows us to replicate UVC radiation which provides highly effective disinfection properties.

UV lamps provide germicidal effectiveness in many applications (Air, Water, Surface) along with a host of other purposes and uses in a wide range of industries worldwide.

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UV Advantages

  • Safe disinfection of the air can only be carried out as such with UVC radiation. Other filter systems are incapable of achieving the same degree of disinfection of the air.

  • Disinfection with UV light is generally less expensive than costly, time-consuming and often inadequate disinfection with chemical disinfectants. For example, there is no need for the process of acquiring and storing chemicals; this lowers the costs and reduces the dependency on chemical producers (delivery bottlenecks for disinfectants during the coronavirus pandemic).

  • Unlike chemical disinfectants, no resistance is generated in the case of physical disinfection with UVC light

  • When using UVC radiation, no discolouration of surfaces occurs, no residue is left and there is no impairment of odour.

  • Surface contact is avoided with this method. This makes the whole disinfecting process much safer than handling aggressive chemical agents.

  • Down times are lower with UVC disinfection compared to chemical disinfectants: Equipment or rooms can still be used during the procedure or immediately after disinfection.