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PGUV distributes high quality UV lamps to the many markets that rely on UV technology to enable their business.

With over 40 years of experience using UV lamps in the print industry, 2020 was a year to witness the true value of UV technology. Our mission, predicated on customer service and long-lasting relationships, is to distribute high quality, precision products to the UV lamp community for the betterment of their end product.

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Kills Airborne Pathogens
Including Bacteria & Viruses

uv air purifier as48

The PALi Global AS-Series of Air Purifiers consists of a matte anodized and completely enclosed aluminium housing. The wiring system and the electronic cut-in unit are integrated into the frame. The air is guided along the AS Series UV-lamp inside the housing via fan.

AS 48 Air Purifier

Type AS 48 Air Purifier
Disinfection Rate
80% *running continuously
Room Size:
Up to 10,594 Cubic Feet
Airflow Rate 847.55 Cubic Feet / hr
Housing Dimensions 39.37″ x 4.13″ x 4.13″
Weight 13.23 Ibs.
Life Time of Lamps 10,000 hrs
Number of Lamps 1
Maximum Temperature 104°F
Electrical Connection 110-240 V 50/60 Hz
Total Power 48 W
Over Current Protection 10 Amps


Advanced UV technology allows us to replicate UVC radiation which provides highly effective disinfection properties.

UVC disinfection is a non-invasive, resource-saving, environmentally friendly and very effective supplement to conventional disinfection methods.

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UV Light Documentation

AS-Series devices for active ambient air disinfection

  • The systems are low-maintenance, robust and extremely long-lasting.

  • The devices are installed permanently (hung from the ceiling with wire suspension or fixed with mounting rack to a wall). The air to be disinfected is actively conducted into the housing using a fan. The air flow is safely and verifiably disinfected by the UVC lamps inside the housing, i.e. the UVC rays prevent viruses, bacteria, germs and other pathogens from reproducing and thus render them harmless.

  • The UVC lamps last at least 10,000 hours and need to be replaced once a year.

  • The devices can be used in permanent operation (long-lasting, safe for people, low energy consumption).

  • Compact design, easy to assemble, discreet appearance. Maximum disinfection performance at low noise levels.

  • Overdosing is impossible (in contrast to chemical or thermal disinfection methods).

How to Install Your AS Series Commercial UV Air Purifier